Red Dead Redemption 2 mod lets you smite foes with terrifying Thor lightning



Lightning never strikes the same place twice – unless you’re Arthur Morgan with Thor powers, that is. After tiny cowboys, nude ranchers and flying as an eagle, the latest in ridiculous Red Dead Redemption 2 PC modding is a tool which lets you rain lightning bolts on unsuspecting citizens.

Using the Alexander Blade scripthook, B4M5’s version of the NativeTrainer allows players to summon lightning bolts from a distance of 15 metres, bringing yet more carnage to the west. It’s available on Nexus Mods, but requires a third-party download and some file tinkering to get working.

There are two versions of the mod – the latest of which apparently allows you to direct the lightning more accurately as a gun – but unfortunately this version didn’t work for me, so I stuck with the original. After downloading the scripthook and trainer, then enabling “powerful weapons” in the trainer menu (using F5 then navigating by holding control), you can summon electricity with the F1 button – and watch the carnage unfold.

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