League of Legends becomes Twitch’s top game of 2019



Look out Fortnite, it looks like League of Legends has regained the top spot for most-watched game on Twitch for 2019. Fortnite’s Twitch viewers over the last 12 months mean that Epic’s battle royale is in second place behind Riot’s MOBA game – though they’re still both pretty far ahead of the other most-watched games on the platform.

As spotted by The Loadout, League of Legends’ viewing hours on Twitch have shot up to just under 1,112,000,000 while Fortnite’s sit at around 1,108,0000,000 over the last 365 days (at the time of writing), according to SullyGnome‘s statistics.

LoL has been a highly-watched game on Twitch for quite some time, with viewers in the first half of the year (from January 1 through June 30) watching 512.3 million hours of League of Legends content, according to a report from The Esports Observer. That was up on the same period from the year before, which saw 435.2 million. However, Fortnite saw a decline in that period, with 465 million hours watched in the first half of 2019, down from 531.1 million the year before.


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