Intel Rocket Lake to use 14nm back-port of the Willow Cove core architecture



Some extra clarification has emerged regarding the recent Intel Rocket Lake leaks. The suggestion is that the upcoming 14nm CPUs, set for a 2021 release, will come featuring the new Willow Cove core architecture rather than just another respin of the same aging Skylake design Comet Lake is going to feature.

That’s potentially great news considering the consternation that met reports that Intel would be sticking with the 14nm production process for our desktop CPUs until 2021. With the advanced Sunny Cove core design only being rolled out to the 10nm mobile Ice Lake chips, and the subsequent Willow Cove update being aimed at the 10nm Tiger Lake laptop parts, there was the fear that any future chip rendered on 14nm was still going to feature the ancient Skylake core.

The Sunny Cove core architecture was introduced at its Architecture Day this time last year, announced as the 10nm successor to its 14nm design for both Core and Xeon processors. But so far it has only arrived in mobile form within Ice Lake chips, with the Sapphire Rapids Xeon server parts expected sometime.


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