AOC's 24G2U is another best budget gaming monitor champion



AOC’s C24G1 is an excellent gaming monitor for those on a budget, but for those of you who prefer flat screens as opposed to curved ones, then the AOC 24G2U is definitely the monitor for you. This 24in, 1920×1080, 144Hz, AMD FreeSync screen shares many of the same specs as the C24G1, but comes with a flat, even more accurate IPS panel instead of a curved VA one. It’s a fraction more expensive, going for £180 in the UK at time of writing compared to the C24G1’s usual price of around £173 (for some reason it’s strangely unavailable to buy anywhere in the US right now, but I’d imagine it will probably be more than the $145 asking price of the C24G1 if its UK pricing is anything to go by), but for the curve-averse, it really doesn’t get much better than the 24G2U.



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